Welcome to KMM ART,

This Website is presently conducted from my home and is for online sales. I took up drawing as a relaxing activity, however, at times the process can be difficult. At times my drawing is fluid and at times I have to search to find a way in bringing out a particular expression in a piece. I may put the piece away for weeks months and even years if I don’t have a vision on where to go next with it. When I pick it up again, I see in it a whole different light.  Also the incomplete piece may be printed in full form and/or have the piece placed onto a mug. I can then see further how to work on the piece. Many years ago, I took a drawing class at a local community centre and I belonged to an art club briefly. Growing up I studied acting. As a child, I was extremely shy and when drama class was introduced, I became very expressive. The teacher had suggested to my parents that they look into acting classes, I was then introduced to elocution lessons where I studied poetry recital, mime and performing monologues. I competed in the Royal Conservatory for about three years. Thank you for visiting the website.

Karen Moscone